Every member a minister, every person a ministry, everything for God’s glory.

Every member a minister

There are no Christian spectators. Christ has charged his church with the responsibility to go and make disciples. We are all commissioned to be actively ministering the Gospel and living out the fruits of a life transformed by Jesus. At Grace Fellowship we take very seriously our responsibility individually and collectively to shine as lights in a dark world.

Every person a ministry

Jesus was clear that his disciples would be known by their love. As Jesus disciples we are commanded to love people, all people. The Gospel of Jesus transcends dividing lines like race, culture, economic strata, or political affiliation. People are not a burden they are a blessing and it our privilege to evangelize, disciple, and love people.

Everything for God’s Glory

Paul told the Corinthian church to glorify God in whatever they do. We understand that to be our primary motivation in life as well. God is holy, which means He is glorious. We cannot add to His glory, but what we can do is display His glory, make His glory known, and encourage others to live to glorify Him as well.

Our Staff

Our elders oversee the doctrine, direction, and discipleship of our church.

Paul Sheldon

Paul has been the Pastor-Teacher of Grace Fellowship since 2015 and has been on staff at Grace since 2007. Paul has a passion for preaching and mobilizing the church to saturate Dixon and the surrounding communities with the gospel. Paul has a B.A. from Cedarville University and a M.Div. from The Master’s Seminary. Paul and his wife Miranda have three children.

John Adolph

John began attending Grace in 1989. In fact, on his very first day the first person he met was Judy whom he married two years later. John is a 2013 graduate from Western Seminary with a M.Div. degree. He leads a small group, teaches adult Equipping, is the church treasurer, and assists with many other ministries. He and his wife are both retired and live in Dixon.

Chazz Hammond

Chazz, who routinely serves as an Adult Equipping Teacher and Scripture Reader, came to Grace Fellowship in 1989 following a career in the Air Force. He received his B.S. from the United States Air Force Academy; an M.A. in foreign language from Ohio State; and an M.A./PhD in history from UC Davis, where he continued to serve until 2013. Now retired, he and his wife reside in Vacaville.

Mike Morse

Mike has attended Grace Fellowship with his wife Susan and family since 1993. He is a graduate of UC Davis and is a recently retired small business owner. He leads a small group and has been involved in the Saturday morning men’s group since its inception over 20 years ago. Mike also coordinates several church activities such as the annual rafting trip, the pancake breakfast, and the photo booth at the Dixon Christmas tree lighting. Mike enjoys participating in evangelism and outreach events.